Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Stamp Organization & Index of Cardstock-Ink-Marker Color Matches & Stamps

I think I may be the queen of procrastination because a project I began almost two years ago, is finally nearing completion. Wow! I was tired of the way I had been storing my stamps mostly because my collection had grown considerably and it was getting too cumbersome to find the stamps I wanted. So I started looking at all the different ways my fellow crafters stored their stamps. I liked the binder boxes because it seemed simple, easy to maintain, could grow as my collection grows, and a nice visual way to see the different themes at a glance.

My system:

After toying with the idea, do I keep the stamp sets together, or do I separate them by theme, I decided upon the latter. I wanted to have all the different greetings together, holidays, floral images, etc. so that I wouldn't have to go searching from box to box in order to piece together a card layout.

The binders, and binder sheets can be purchased at Gina K. Designs Shop Gina K.  The binders are also available at Unikeep Shop Binder Boxes. They can hold up to 4 sheets of the rubber cling stamps and 5 of the clear stamps. On the back of each binder sheet, I added the box # that it came from so that I could return them to the right box. Each binder sheet has a corresponding page of the stamp images with its box # noted at the top.

The Cardstock-Ink-Marker & Stamp Index:

I put together some charts with cardstock samples along with the matching inks and markers so I could have an easy, quick reference of what goes with what. I also added separate charts for inks and markers. Here are some pictures of the charts. I have templates that I am happy to share with anyone that wants them; you can request them in the comments section (sorry, I couldn't figure out how to add the files to my post).

I have my stamps organized by theme and at the back of the index, I have included the stamp set inserts so that I know what sets the stamps belong to. I guess one day, I may add the box # to each stamp image, but not right now, LOL.

Well, that's all for now. I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe new year.

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